Sahín András Nagy bemutatkozása

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About me

Cover letter   Dear members of the selection committee, My name is Sahín András Nagy, I was born in Budapest in 1994, and was raised in an intercultural family, that mixes Hungarian, Russian, Persian, and Jewish cultural elements close together. Thanks to the intercultural nature of my heritage, besides speaking fluently 3 languages – English, Russian, Hungarian –, it also might have enabled an early development of communicational and interpersonal skills, and a unique approach to language itself. Currently I’m a student at the University of ELTE’s Logic and Theory of Science MA program. During the years of higher education, I have worked for several different international and Hungarian companies, but only a few positions I held were related to my previous and/or current studies. I received my BA in International Economics and Business, where my courses were mainly focused on macro-, and political economics, international protocol, and diplomatic relations. However, even though my final thesis’s topic were the economics of education, the path of my research led me to a topic far exceeding the field of economics. The idea behind my research could be described in a nutshell as an exploration for new ideas, models, paradigms etc., for ways enabling the design of a more efficient educational system, and a completely new, intelligent field of HR. The research included topics such as: systems-, chaos-, and complexity theory; complex adaptive systems; science studies; cognitive and metacognitive strategies in learning and in management; gamification; programming languages and language programming; “Four-Dimensional Education” by C. Fadel, M. Bialik and B. Trilling; “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions” by Thomas Kuhn. After graduation, I enrolled to BME’s Computational and Cognitive Neuroscience MSc program, and two semesters later was also accepted to study at ELTE’s MA program. With the long-term continuation of my research in mind (not to mention some other contributing factors like COVID, etc.), I decided to start looking for a job, a position, that is less theoretical and not essentially academy-based, that would allow me to become self-sustainable existentially and to build up a career. I’m looking for a productive, useful application and the improvement of the skills and knowledge I gathered so far. As a person, I am open minded, creative, enthusiastic, I read a lot, have a good sense of humour, and aim to avoid conflicts in any sensitive situation. I am a good and a curious learner, able to work hard with no time limits till the job is done. I sincerely hope to gain an opportunity for a personal interview.   Budapest, 2022 06. 02.                                                                                    Sincerely,                                        Sahin András Nagy